Volunteering is essential in today’s society. Many non-profit organizations (NGOs) could not carry out their work if it were not for these people who give, altruistically, their time and their best smile to those who have nothing. That is why the NGO La Mano que Ayuda wanted to recognize their work, on November 30th, at the delivery of the Annual Awards.
The event was attended by 130 volunteers who received, all of them, a diploma and a gift for their great involvement. “The goal of these awards, which we have been delivering for five years now, is to motivate and encourage volunteers to continue giving their best and to thank them for all their efforts,” said Julián Mancheño, coordinator of La Mano que Ayuda

Being a volunteer is positive for society, but also for oneself. There are many advantages of living this experience:
• More empathy is acquired.
• You learn to relate to others.
• Strengthens self-esteem.
• Change people’s history thanks to the grain of sand that the volunteer contributes and makes many people happy.
• New skills are learned such as to be more patient, tolerant, outgoing and organized.

After the awards ceremony, a twinning meal was held in which all attendees were able to enjoy a great paella and cake.

La Mano que Ayuda carries out food and clothing distributions, orientation to find work, psychological care, visits to prisoners, entertainment events for children, motivational talks and a host of activities. Without the collaboration of your volunteers none of this would be possible.

On these Christmas dates, many people have a particularly bad time due to the cold and not being able to offer their children even a plate of food. That is why on December 25th, at 2:00 p.m., La Mano que Ayuda will celebrate a special meal at its headquarters located at Calle Gutierre de Cetina, 16 (Madrid) for all those who are having a bad time or are alone (until complete capacity). The event is completely free.

If you want to participate in this solidarity meal or want to become a volunteer, do not hesitate! Go to the headquarters of the NGO and sign up.