Working for a better society

La Mano que Ayuda is a Spanish non-profit organization, formed mainly by volunteers and aims, through social action, to fight against poverty, misfortune, destitution, disease, drug addiction, lack of education, lack of support and social disadvantage in general, working since 1999.

Main Headquarters of La Mano Que Ayuda

C/ Manuel Laguna, Nº 11 | 28018
Madrid – España
Phone: +34 646 09 31 68

Our history

It was born as a one-off campaign in Madrid to help people with limited economic means in our country and, little by little, it has evolved and expanded the projects and forms of aid; having expanded our radius of action in order to be present throughout the national territory. To fulfill its objective, La Mano que Ayuda assists people with economic, social, family, psychological problems, etc .; that is to say, its sole purpose is to help the needy in all areas of life.

We seek to involve each member of our society in the construction of a better and more solidary world where it is recognized, supported and works to achieve a dignified life for all human beings.

To this end, La Mano que Ayuda carries out distributions of food, clothing and other essential items; haircut, job search help and guidance, pediatric nursing, general medicine and psychological counseling; visits in prisons, residences and hospitals; in addition to different entertainment and enjoyment events for children and adults; all this for free.

But, in addition, he carries out solidarity night work to satisfy the need of the so-called “homeless.”

Everything we do is designed for the care of people at social risk, whatever the circumstances that led them to such a situation; and to the awareness, on the part of all, that each of us can do something to improve our environment because we are jointly responsible for what happens in it.

Some of these people seek only material help, food; But, many others need something else, advice, guidance for their personal, work, family life… someone to talk to, who listens to them and transmits encouragement and hope; someone who simply takes a sincere interest in them and pays them a bit of attention.

And that is precisely what they find in our volunteers: attention, affection and dedication; all this in a disinterested way.

Satisfaction is very great for us and the best reward we can receive is a smile. For this reason, we continue working! Because we want to help the neediest people find solutions to problems; help them get through bad times and improve current living conditions.

Our Work

Reach the most needy throughout the Spanish territory.

To help those in need in all areas of life.

We plan to continue, improve and expand the projects that we have started. We have great planes for our groups!


Most of our activities are carried out in Spain and we also work in collaboration with other countries, in which we carry out development cooperation projects, volunteer programs and other collaborative initiatives.

Food Distribution

We work carrying out Food Gathering at local supermarkets with our volunteers and with the Red Cross. To support those people who are unemployed or with low income.

Employmente Guidance

We work by putting employee in contact with employer, at the same time giving guidance in the development of a curriculum or how to attend an interview.

Legal Advice

We give legal attention and guidance to those who need help in this area.

Family Mediation and Psychopedagogy

We help those parents with conflictive children or who have suffered due to a divorce or due to the destruction of the family relationship.

Psychological Help

Attention to all types of cases from people with depression to people who were victims of violence, abuse, both in adults and minors.

Care and Follow-up

We attend and take care of the basic needs of those who lack it.