“My problems started when I was 13 years old. I started having epileptic seizures, I fainted, I lost control of my body and as a result of this I always had to be accompanied. And that’s how it all started”.

At that moment his life took a turn. She began to feel a burden and sadness washed over her. In addition, her family had to change their entire routine in order to take care of Andrea. His father worked fewer days, his mother was pending 24 hours … In spite of this, nothing improved. “I felt very lonely, I began to have thoughts that I was useless, that I was the problem, and I lost my enthusiasm for everything. My days were spent lying on a sofa, I didn’t feel like eating and I weighed 34 kilos. I looked like a skull ”.

Her family was desperate, she didn’t know how to help her. In addition, she became rebellious and aggressive. Fortunately one day his mother heard a radio program in which different people told their stories of overcoming. Some of them were similar to his daughter’s and he decided to go with her to The Helping Hand. “When I arrived at the NGO I was very sad, very anguished. At first I did not want to pass because I did not want anyone to see me like that but finally I entered. The people who were there cared about me, took care of me and did not judge me”.

The advice he received in the meetings began to give him the strength he needed to get ahead. “Today my life is completely different, I am very happy, all aspects of my life are fine, I am married, I work, I have made my dreams come true, I have traveled … everything changed completely, now I am really happy.”

Andrea overcame all those fears, complexes and problems that prevented her from growing. In La Mano que Ayuda she found the support she needed to regain his smile.